Member of Club Hlávkova kolej can become any student accommodated on Hlávkova dormitory or any other person which fulfills conditions for membership of Student union CTU.

You will become a member after you will register and pay membership fee. To register visit one of registrar or club’s office. By signing registration form you agree with club charter and all internal rules and become a member of of Club Hlávkova kolej and also a member of civic association Student union CTU.

Management of membership

To manage membership we are using Information system RUPS where you can find all your membership fee payments, setting of your network devices, and other information about your membership. In case of any discrepancy in your information feel free to contact the registrar or the club office.

Membership fee

Amount and maturity of membership fee is decided by Dormitory board of club. Actual amount of membership fee is set to 1000,- CZK. When you are paying membership fee be sure to provide correct variable symbol which is your UID number.

UID is not personal number of CTU but your member’s number of Club Hlávkova kolej, which we assigned to you during registration. You can find in in your user profile in RUPS under user pane. This number does not change at any point.

Membership fee can be paid only using bank transaction to club bank account 5233448001/2010 (Fio bank), IBAN CZ0420100000005233448001. If you do not have access to online banking system or you do not have a Czech bank account then we recommend you to pay at any post Post office or to visit Fio bank and pay there.

The maturity of membership fee and payment terms

  • First half-year is from 1st January to 30th June and pay for first half-year you can  from 1st January to 30th June. All services will remain active after end of first half-year for another 3 months (till 30th September).
  • Second half-year is from 1st July to 31th December and pay for first half-year you can from 1st July to 31th December. All services will remain active after end of first half-year for another 2 months (till 28th February).

Returning of membership fee and incorrect payments

If you send correct amount and just provided incorrect variable symbol then you do not have to pay again. Just visit registrar or clubs office an we will assign payment to your account.

If you send incorrect amount then you need to pay again and ask for returning of incorrect payment.

You can ask to have the payment returned within 14 days since we received it, and no later then 14 days before end of current half-year. It is not possible to return your payment if you received BAN for violation of club’s charter or internal terms & conditions.

You have to provide a proof that a payment in question is from you (receipt from postal office, receipt from Fio Bank, transaction detail only sender would know, …).

Payments can be returned only in cash.

For more information feel free to contact clubs office.