Fitcenter is located in underground floor underneath main staircase.

Access to fitcenter

All members of the dorm club are allowed to visit our fitcenter, unless they have been specifically banned for violation of rules for fitcenter use.

Opening hours are between 7:30AM and 10PM, while you will not be allowed to enter after 9:30PM.

For safety reasons is required that there are at least two people in the fitcenter, otherwise are allowed only aerobic exercises.

When you are leaving, close all windows, turn the lights off, and lock the door.

You must use special footwear for the gym and a towel while exercising.

In case you are incapable of putting your weights back in their place, feel free to ask reception lady to help you. At any circumstances do not leave any iron on benches, sweat and iron (surprisingly) react and damage both benches and weights.

Available equipment

You can find here for instance some of following:

  • cyclotrainers
  • adjustable benches
  • benchpress
  • multipress
  • boxing bag
  • rack
  • single hand dumbells (no idea)
  • different dumbells (I’m just translating, alright)
  • peck-deck (hope this one is already in english)
  • and many more ambiguous irony thingies, come and see for yourself