Board game group

Board games group has primary purpose of lending board games to members of HK dorm club, and organizing board game events.

How does it work?

Write us an email at what game would you wish to borrow and what is the latest date you need to pick it up. As soon as one of responsible active members is available, they will arrange a meeting with you. The bigger is the window between sending the email and pickup date, the higher is the probability everything will work out without any issues.

Can I make a reservation?

If you let us know sufficiently ahead, we will do our best to have your game ready when you will want it, but it is possible someone before you took their time to return it, so reservations are without guarantees.

Where are them games?

All games are at the moment in dorm club office in fourth floor, but do not expect to find anyone in there without prior appointment.

How much does it cost?

Board games group is here for free and exclusively for members of HK club.

What happens if I damage the game?

In case of any damage to our games (lost parts, torn cards, drink spilled on the pieces, etc.) is member that borrowed the game responsible for reimbursement.

a) Damage does not render the game unplayable – fixing the issue or paying fine equivalent to about 10% of the game price.

b) Game becomes unplayable due to the damage – paying/buying new replacement or getting used replacement of similar condition.

We hope these situations will be rare.

What games are available?


#No more board games are planned to buy soon. Feel free to share some ideas.

Languages stated next to games define either guide localization or game piece localization. Any stands for instances where game should be playable if you print yourself a rulebook in language of your choice from those available on the Internet.