About us

Club Hlávkova kolej is student club which is a part of civic organization Student union of CTU. We abide by charter of SU and charter of Klubu Hlávkova kolej. One of the fundamental purpose of the club is operating computer network on Hlávkova dormitory for all members of the club.

Network is managed through several servers that provide access to the Internet among other services, all maintained by club appointed administrators.

We believe that Internet access is essential to any education, especially in case technical studies at CTU, and thus we hold this service as our primary focus. The club offers to its members also other services and organizes social events.

The club consists of a wide membership base among students and employees of CTU accommodated on Hlávkova dormitory. Club is run by the Dormitory board and represented by its President. The Dormitory board of the club is duly elected by its members in open elections every two years or whenever there is an open position.

The activities of the club are done mainly by volunteers from the club members.

The club is financed by membership fees and donations.