Club’s office

Hlávkova dormitory, 4. floor, HK office (next to the kitchen), room 409 3/4. In case the reason for your visit is something else than registration to the dorm club during September (the enrollment period), please consider sending an email to appropriate person or group in advance. Email addresses to persons are in the format first name dot last name at, without spaces, of course.

Office hours – Enrollment period only
Contact us via e-mail outside of enrollment period:

Dormitory board

Dormitory board is in charge of Club Hlávkova kolej and is the highest authority in the club. The main task Dormitory board is to decide on key issues, determine development strategy of the club, and control the implementation of its decisions. Dormitory Council consists of a President, Vice-President and board of officers.

President – Peter Guľa

Vice-President – Tomáš Padělek


Darina Shutko

Anna Guľa Gartman


Registrations takes place in room 409 3/4. During the enrollment period at announced times or by prior arrangement by email.


Rajmund Hruška

Michaela Jindráková

Network managers


network manager – Martin Dendis

representative network manager – Peter Guľa

Fitcenter managers


Fitcenter manager – Dias Sharipov

Associate fitcenter manager – Danila Shinkevich

Board games managers


Board games manager – Darina Shutko

Delivery address

Studentská unie ČVUT, Klub Hlávkova kolej
Jenštejnská 1966/1
120 00 Praha 2

Invoice address

Studentská unie ČVUT, Klub Hlávkova kolej
Zikova 4
166 36 Praha 6
IČ: 67981224
DIČ: CZ67981224
Bank account: 5233448001/2010 (Fio bank)